Life is good. ….

Everyday, is a gift we should be grateful for! Gifts are special and handled with so much care and sentiment, especially when the gift comes from a loved one.

So I ask you today…what’s your lifestyle like? What goes into your body? How do you handle stress?

Our daily life when handled well becomes a lifestyle. Taking a good approach to life helps. Choices of food, what goes into the body, where we go, and how we handle stress all add up to a lifestyle.

Most people usually make out time for vacation with family, friends and even self to recharge but our new reality (covid_19 pandemic) has made travelling almost impossible for a lot of people. We must find other ways to freshen ourselves. This life is short and meant only for the living. If the regulations allow for movement in your area, do find places to visit. A change in scenery does a lot for mental health.

Eat well..Drink loads of water and yes you are allowed to flavour it with fruits and vegetables. Seasonal fruits are of great benefit to the body. They help in boosting the immunity of the body for that period. The same goes for seasonal food… (yes some food are available based on seasons, eg this is not the best time for plantains they are quite expensive now, towards the end of the year they are in abundance hence cheaper to buy)!

We are all responsible for our lives..Let’s do our best possible to life well and right. Work smart to avail yourself the best of life.

Take care and see you soon, remember you can have a good lifestyle!

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Let’s have some cookies!!!!!!!!!


110g margarine

110g sugar

1 egg

150g flour

1/2 baking power

75g oats

50g white chocolate(grated)

Cooking spray


Preheat the oven to 160 degree centigrade/gas 4

Spray two baking sheets with cooking spray.

Beat the margarine and sugar together in a mixing bowl(your bowl and spatula can also do the same work ,just would be longer) until light and fluffy and pale in colour.

Add beaten egg,a little at a time.

Sift in flour,salt and baking powder.

Add the oats and grated chocolate(a pich of cinnamon can be added also). Stir togther until combined.

Using a tablespoon or ice cream scoop,place eight heaped of the mixture on each baking sheet and allow room for spreading. Transfer, into the oven and bake for 15 mins,until golden brown.


Please note,flour can be replace with almond flour while sugar can be relaced with stevia for a healhty option!!




Its been a long time!Happy new year to you all!!!

So have you ever been in your kitchen and felt like eating all…..

I felt so this morning,so i came up with this crazy meal…and trust me when i say i had fun eating it!


2 eggs

1/3 cup whipped cream

2 chicken franks(sliced)

1 fresh tomaote(sliced)

1 scotch bonnet pepper(sliced)

Salt to tatse



Ugwu(handful,sliced. Spinach can also be used)

Cottage cheese

Avocado pear

Cooking spray



Spray frying pan with cooking spray(coconut oil or any healthy choice can be used! butter can also be used)

Pour in sliced tomatoe,pepper to pan-fry. Add sliced frank and whipped cream.

Add garlic,ginger,salt.

Add the vegetable of your choice(i used ugwu)

Add eggs and allow to pan-fry.

Serve with either avocado pear or cottage cheese(i used both oo..remember i felt like eating all)



Cupcakes{bridal shower}

So instead of the regular bridal shower cake, I decided to make these cupcakes in a dress shape!

Lets get to the making of the cup cakes!!





Eggs–500g(make sure the eggs are measured cracked and not in shell)

Baking powder–4 tsp(be sure its not double action written on the pack or tin. if double action please use 2 tsp but if single action use 4 tsp)

Vanilla flavor–1 tsp(i like to mix flavors. (I don’t get to perceive flavor unless very strong))


Make sure oven is heating,you need temperature to be between 150 oC-160 oC,gas mark 2-3,300 oF-320 oF.(my oven can be very too hot hence i use a thermometer to get the right temperature!) With your oven on 20 -30 mins just before you start measurement works!

Line cupcake papers in pan.

Mix all ingredients for 7 mins!!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttt!!7 mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes,7 mins including scrapping the sides of the mixing bowl!!

Allow to bake for 12-15 mins(remember the oven is hooooot!)

Out of the oven and allow to rest!

To get the dress:

Arrange the cupcakes 6,5,4 3,2,2,4,2!Start from the base on a large cake board.

Once,you get the shape,use butter icing to hold them to the board if you are moving them to another venue.

Oh,i forgot! Butter icing!!!

Icing sugar–500g


Vanilla flavor-1 tsp


Mix margarine until creamy.

Sieve in icing sugar and fold in.

Add flavor.

I divided my icing cream into two(i used pink and cream colors) half i added pink and the the other half cream!

Using one of my nozzles,i pipped. Please note,the video i used, Wilton nozzle 1m was used!You can use any nozzle that gives you a beautiful design!

*The bride to be loved the cakes*


Puff puff

20160721_134100So i have been silent for daysssssssss! Am sorry!

I pray the Lord to help us all!

The weather is getting dry for us in Nigeria(harmattan as we call it,summer for some parts of Africa and other parts of the world winter.God too much oo!)


250g flour

10g yeast

80g sugar

1/2 tsp cinnamon

pinch of salt

200-250 ml lukewarm water

Oil,enough for deep frying


Place all dry ingredient in a medium sized bowl

Add enough water to form a paste(using the above measurement). Be careful not to make it too watery.

Mix till free of lumps(i use my clean fingers)

Deep fry in  small balls.

For me this a good recipe to share with family on a Saturday morning with either a cup of warm chocolate or juice(the choice is yours).

And you can serve guests who come visiting you at home!

For my keto friends,I am working on something for you guys!


Dark Chocolate Cupcakes



-Flour 165g

-Cocoa 90g

-Eggs 2

-Sugar 250g

-Buttermilk 250ml

-Vanilla 1tbsp

-Butter 125g

-Bicarbonate of soda 1tbsp

-Cupcake papers

-Cupcake pan


-Arrange cupcake papers in a cupcake pan. Set aside.

-Sieve flour,add BOS,cocoa and sugar.

-Stir thoroughly and side aside.

-Combine eggs,buttermilk,butter and vanilla. Then pour into dry ingredients,using a mixer,beat for 3mins or until combine on low speed.

-Beat for another 5mins on high speed or until smooth.

-Fill each of the cupcake papers 3/4 to allow for rising.

-Bake for 15-17mins.



BOS…Bicarbonate od soda


*Use a spoon while measuring out the batter. Either your ice cream scoop or batter dispenser or your regular eating spoon! I nor say the spoon were we take dey serve food from pot oo!!

*Dont be like me when i sarted baking,opening the oven every 2 mins..Anyways,i woud not say what happened!Try it and see! I await your comments!!

*I used raw cocoa powder hence the dark colour,so if  you want something lighter i guess you should use light chocolate which you might have to melt, because it might be in bars!!

Nsala and Poundedyam

Okay!So on saturday,i felt like serious food!

And this came to mind….i made it. After hours of lazying around!


Stock fish

Fresh fish

Goat meat(you can use any meat of your choice as long as its not offensive to nature)



Stock cube(am not advertising for anyone,i used knorr)

Cray fish

Pepper soup spiece(i got some from the market so it has no particular name)

Corn starch(yes,i used it as my thicken.. i know most people use various things. My first time using this oo!)

Yam flour (for the swallow but please use whatever swallow of your choice)



Boil meat until tender,of course properly spieced.

When meat is tender,add the stock fish to cook also.

Add the fresh fish and bring out once its cooked. You dont want it all broken into the pot.

Add pepper,knorr,pepper soup spiece and allow to simmer.

Don’t forget the crayfish.

Please note that the quantity of water used in cooking the meat is the quantity of soup you would get.

Dissolve the corn starch in water(i used 2 table spoons,if u want it thicker its your choice) and pour into the pot.

Allow to cook and then add the fish.

A little simmer and then turn off fire.

Ready to serve.

For the pounded yam,i used yam flour.

Dissolved enough for two in a pot and put to cook.

When it was ready,i served with the soup!!


I had this meal and closed the kitchen for the day because it was so filling!

I look forward to the weekend again….its almost here!!Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Cocoa Powder(Theobroma cacoa)



”Food of the gods”…is the literally meaning for cocoa(theobroma cacoa).

I grew up in one of the major cocoa producing states in Nigeria,Ondo state. Ile oluji is known to produce cocoa in its purest form but little do the farmers know how much is made form this wonderful products from  their farms.

As a chef i use it in baking mostly and then of course i drink ….

Cocoa, does have quite a number of health benefits and i would be disscussing this.

Each spoon of raw cocoa powder unsweetened contains a certian percentage of recommended daily intake of manganse,iron,zinc and magnesium.Cocoa powder also contains flavonoids which are plant based substances responsible for many of cocoa’s health benefits.


Adding cocoa to your daily intake has been shown to improve memory,boost immunity and create loads of energy.

We have been told antioxidants are good for our bodies,unsweetended cocoa powder contains more antioxidants than in blue berries which is a good source of anti oxidants..So why not add it to your daily intake!

It helps reduce high blood pressure and diabetes effect.

Do you know its an also an aphrodisiac for men(not to say it does do same for women) but it enhances male perfomance.

It also helps with stomach ulcer.

Unsweetened cocoa powder also helps fight fatigue hence keeps you rejuvenated.

It also helps in the reduction of imflammation when taken regularly.

Trust me when i say it keeps your skin supple…its a fat burner. So its a healthy weight loss option.

It can also be used to make shakes….

According to some studies,too much of the cocoa powder in the body leads to insomina(for me it aids sleep), so i would say watch your body as you take and decide whats best for you…

The above pictures are my breakfast with cocoa powder drink…

Slice of wheat bread(home made,thanks to Fondant Ruffles)

Sunny side eggs(2)

Salt and pepper to taste

Scoop of cream cheese

Peri sauce

Enjoy a cup of unsweetended cocoa powder drink until the next time i blog…

Breakfast: fried eggs and cucumber


Breakfast is ready!!


-2 eggs



-Cucumber(half gourd)

-Fresh parsely

-Cooking spray


-Spray the pan with cooking spray.

-Crack eggs into pan.

-Dont scramble eggs,it should be sunny side-up

-Sprinkle salt and pepper.

-Allow to cook then flip .Both sides cooked and its ready.

-Slice cucumber and arrange in plate.

-Dish the egg with cucumber and serve.

This is a good to breakfast and healthy way to keep your body in good shape.Enjoy your meal and see you on top!